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Trust and Scrow Services

Our history

First Costa Rican Trust was founded in 2003 by a team of North American and Costa Rican businessmen who sought to simplify the real estate market for foreign investors.

Today, our team continues to strive to remain a trusted name in the industry, seeking to specialize in providing a neutral and transparent platform that guarantees peace of mind for both buyers and sellers participating in real estate transactions, as well as being able to offer the creation and administration of all sorts of Trust Agreements.

Our strategic alliances with other highly qualified professionals in the industry allow us to provide the most comprehensive investment services available, including tax advice, accounting and financial strategy together with CGS-CPA & Consultants.

We specialize in offering the following services:

  • Escrow Account Services
  • Asset Acquisition
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Escrow Account Deposit
  • Administration and Preparation of Trust Agreements
  • Guarantee Trusts
  • Administration Trusts
  • Testamentary Trusts, and more
  • Custody of Assets and Shares in Trust Property
  • Accounting Services through our Partner, CGS Consultores
  • Accounting and Tax Consulting
  • External and Internal Audit
  • Audit Services
  • Outsourcing Accounting Services
  • Accounting Supervision

Why work with us?

Customer Service

Customer Service

From initial contact, to closing and payments, through information collection, we maintain our highest standard of service.



Our office maintains the highest confidentiality controls regarding the management of your private and privileged information.



We work side by side with the leading Compliance experts in Costa Rica, and with their guidance and our experience, we provide security to all transactions under our care.



We use the necessary tools to guarantee security, both in communications and the care of your privileged information, as well as the funds entrusted to us by our clients.

What is the process like?

Initial Contact.

The process begins with direct contact with our collaborators, who will be responsible for providing a detailed explanation of the legal and compliance requirements, in strict accordance with the applicable Costa Rican regulations, which include the Law 7786 and its amendments. This step is essential for the successful opening of an Escrow account. Throughout this process, we are committed to maintaining the highest standard of service, ensuring complete and transparent advice. Our team will be on hand to answer questions, provide guidance and ensure that every aspect of the procedure meets legal requirements and our clients' expectations, supporting a smooth and efficient Escrow account opening experience.

Escrow Account Configuration.

Upon receiving the documents that support the origin of the funds, we carry out an exhaustive compliance filter to guarantee the integrity and legality of the transaction, in accordance with Costa Rican regulations. Once this process is completed, at First Costa Rican Trust we proceed to configure the Escrow account to receive the funds, starting the custody process. During this crucial phase, we maintain constant communication with all parties involved to provide regular updates, clarify any queries and ensure full transparency at every stage of the escrow process. Our dedication to security and efficiency is essential to support a reliable escrow process to the highest standards.

Documentation and Coordination.

With a constant commitment to communication with all participants in the transaction, at First Costa Rican Trust we ensure that the documentation, both compliance and legal, is in accordance with the applicable Costa Rican legislation (Law 7786 and its amendments), to proceed with the closing of the business for which we were designated as custodian of funds. We maintain proactive communication to address any outstanding questions or details, facilitating an efficient and transparent process that culminates successfully in the completion of the transaction. Our dedication to excellence and effective coordination is critical to ensuring the satisfaction of all parties involved in the successful closing of the deal.

Closing and Payments.

Once the correct completion of the transaction is confirmed, our team diligently proceeds to carry out all the corresponding payments, meticulously following the conditions previously agreed upon and scheduled by both parties. This process guarantees smooth and efficient execution, ensuring that each party receives their payments in a timely manner and in accordance with the terms established in the transactional agreement. Our priority is to provide a secure and transparent experience for all parties involved in the transaction, thereby supporting integrity and trust at every step of the process.

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